Yangshuo: Day 2

For our second day in Yangshuo we weren’t in a rush to see or do that many things. We knew we wanted to go rock climbing at some point but that was it, so we took it easy throughout the day until we went rock climbing. After waking up late-ish, we wandered around town.

I wanted Jennifer to experience hogwar (fire cupping), so we walked around town and looked for a placed that does traditional Chinese medicine. We finally found a place. Her name was Dr. Lily Li. So once again, I had the hogwar done on my back. I thought it felt good and I’m sure Jennifer enjoyed it too. To tell you the truth I am not sure whether or not Dr. Li was a legit doctor. It’s not that hard to lie about who you are in China (I know from personal experience).


After getting the hogwar done, Jennifer and I went shopping. My brother, Danny wanted a traditional Chinese hat, so we bought him one.

After lunch, we met up with our rock climbing instructors. Yangshuo is known worldwide for its rock climbing scene. We had to bike out to the location. After biking for more than 20 minutes, I was beginning to lose faith, but we came out into a clearing and saw where we were going to climb.

We came up to the side of a mountain; the way it worked was that there were different courses up the mountain. And depending on where you climbed, the harder it was. We did the easy route first. Jennifer wanted to go first. She had done some rock climbing in Thailand and had more experience than me, so she was going to show me the ropes. She got up in no time and then it was my turn.


After putting on my harness and my rock climbing shoes, I attacked the mountain. They say to let your legs do most of the work, but I didn’t understand how not to use my arms. I felt that if I didn’t use my arms I would fall off the mountain. So my arms (especially my forearms) got tired quickly. I made it to the top and the view was spectacular.


I was only able to do 3½ climbs because my arms got so tired, but Jennifer was able to do 5 climbs. She was a rock star. (Ha ha get it, “rock” star. I know, bad joke.) She made fun of me and called me a wimp for not being able to do as many climbs as her. What a shot to my ego.

After rock climbing we made it back to our hostel, got some dinner, and just chilled on the roof of our hostel drinking beers and admiring the view. It was the last day of my trip with Jennifer and we reminisced about all the fun things we did together.

The next day I had to wake up early to catch a flight back to Beijing to get my bags and then catch my flight home. And of course, since it’s me, nothing went according to plan.


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