After a 17 hour overnight train ride we arrived in Guilin without incident. From the moment I stepped off the train and looked around I knew that I liked Guilin. Guilin is a very famous place in China. It is regarded as one of the most beautiful places in China. What makes Guilin so special are the mountains which surround the area. It’s really hard to explain what these mountains look like. They look like individual mini-mountains from far away, but when you get closer you realize they are pretty big. Think of a mix between Jurassic Park and the mountains in the movie Avatar, but not floating and more impressive. This was the view from our hostel’s balcony.


Guilin is a very small city, so after Jennifer and I checked into our hostel we bought a map and headed out to walk around. Guilin is sort of like Manhattan in the sense that it’s a little island surround by two rivers. We were able to walk around the whole city in a 2 hour time period.


A big attraction for many tourists to Guilin are the twin pagodas that they have. One is the sun pagoda and the other is the moon pagoda. I’m not really sure what they represent but they are just impressive to look at.


We followed the rivers around Guilin and saw some more interesting things. We even went to this tiny island that was only accessible by a rickety wire and plank bridge. With no railings and it shaking with each step we took it felt like we were going to fall off at any moment.


One thing that I realized about myself is that I have a serious disorder. I am a hoarder. Not one of them weirdoes who keep 10 years worth of newspapers in their house but a different kind. I hoard clothes. I just can’t bring myself to throw out clothes. I still have clothes like Robbie’s Bar Mitzvah Bash from ’95. So I decided to slowly get rid of clothes along the way.

At each place we stopped I would leave some of my clothes behind. I left socks, underwear, shirts, and even shorts. I must say it was a very cathartic process for me to do. It also helped me traveling wise because I had less to carry. Now some lucky traveler has his own March for the Cure ‘97 t-shirt or a new pair of boxers.

Next, we head to the famous rice terraces


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2 Responses to Guilin

  1. JL says:

    Hi, came across your blog. That is my home town! Hope you enjoyed time in Guilin !!!

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