An Awkward Night

Last night I had one of the more awkward experiences of my life. We went to a bar called 99°, and for a bar in Qinhuangdao it was pretty crowded. But as we sat down we realized that that night they were having a talent show.

In fact it was very amusing. The MC was this 300 pound bald man. It was funny because he would sing and dance to these pop songs but since he was so heavy he would sweat profusely. All through the night, people would give him bottles of beer to gambei with and he would try to down them. Since so many people were giving him beer he wasn’t able to drink the whole bottle so it would always shpritz out of his mouth and all over his shirt. He must have changed his shirt 3-4 times. At one point he came out without a shirt on. He was a pretty funny dude.

All throughout the night they had different acts. They had singers, magicians, and even a circus de soliel gymnastics routine. But the most awkward part of the night was bar’s transvestite got up on stage to do a song and dance. She got up on stage and started to dance to a Britney Spears song. She then tried to do a dance on the stripper poll they had but it seemed like she didn’t quite master her routine before she got up there because she kept on fumbling on the poll.

By the end she started to dance with a candle. We thought that she was going to do some type of thing where she would put it on her head while she danced but all of a sudden she started to pour hot wax all over herself. She poured the hot wax on her arms, legs and belly, but for the coup de gras she poured the wax in her mouth. It was pretty weird.

I always thought that the bars were kind of boring here in Qinhuangdao, but it just goes to show that you just need to be in the right place at the right time.


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