A Tour of EF

I have realized that I keep talking about the school that I work in but have never actually shown you what it looks like. Let me give you a tour of my school.

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On the ground floor when you first come in there is a plaque with a bio of each teacher that works there. When I first arrived at EF I was reading some of the other teachers’ bios and they made some jokes in them saying that they wrestle alligators for fun and that they have traveled in time and met Abraham Lincoln. As though, those reading would not understand. So thinking it would be funny I wrote that I was friends with Tom Hanks and that I played professional football and was the QB for the Redskins. When my parents came they told me to stop being such an idiot that there might be a parent who could read English. So I quickly changed my bio to be more professional.

The school is actually on the 4th floor so I always take the elevator up but it usually is broken so I have to take the stairs. When you come into the school the first thing you see is the CC’s desk, that’s sales. Immediately to the left is my classroom. It’s a nice big square classroom where all the magic happens.

Outside and near the CC’s desk is the LifeClub Zone. Here is where we do all the demos and such. Then we have a big hallway and where all the other classrooms are as well as a computer lab. We also have the TA’s room and the teacher’s room.

Out of everyone in the teacher’s room I have by far the dirtiest desk. Above my desk I have three pictures. One is of a pirate’s hat, which was from one of my first demos. The second is of a tiger that I made during a LifeClub with my Small Stars. And the third is of Stephen Hawking, which I put up to remind myself that I need to talk as slow as possible so that my students understand what I say.

Well this is my school. I hope you enjoyed having a look around.


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