Fight Night At Wu Gong’s

This past Sunday we had quite the experience. After a busy week of teaching a bunch of other teachers, along with myself went to Wu Gong’s for dinner. (Once again another story happening at Wu Gong’s). After we had already sat down and ordered, a group of about four Chinese guys came in to eat too. They started gambei-ing (toasting) with us but we went back to our meal and conversation. One of them was getting upset that he did not understand what we were saying. He kept wanting us to speak in Chinese. We just ignored him. I guess he got pretty annoyed with us speaking English because all of a sudden he threw beer all over us.

It was obvious that he was drunk but it was a clear sign of disrespect and we all took offense to it. We all stood up in anger, for brief second cooler heads prevailed. But then one of the other teachers, took extreme offense to it, smacked him on the head in anger and motioned for the guy to join him outside. This really got the Chinese dude pissed. (What this guy didn’t know was that my friend is a trained mix-martial arts fighter and he wasn’t drunk so the odds were heavily in Sam’s favor).

While my friend was waiting outside, the Chinese man, who felt extremely disrespected (and hence lost face), stood up, grabbed a bottle and began to walk outside. And this point we all jumped up from out seats once again and tensions rose once again. At this point everyone was getting involved. The Chinese man’s friends were trying to hold him down while Wu Gong’s Aunt and Uncle, who work at the restaurant, tried intervening as well. We were able to knock the bottle out his hand, which shattered to the floor, but he quickly grabbed another.

My friend was escorted to Wu Gong’s other restaurant while the Chinese dude was brought outside to cool down. The guy was still majorly pissed. While one of his friends was trying to hold him back the other teachers and I gathered by the entrance just in case something happened.

After we thought it had cooled down for the second time the Chinese guy started to scream “f#%k your mother!!” so we got ready again just in case. One of the other teachers, took a few steps forward just as a precautionary measure (this other teacher is an ex-marine Sargent). All of a sudden we saw a brick go flying by. One of the angry Chinese guy’s friends picked up a brick from Wu Gong’s fire pit and chucked it at Justin. The Chinese definitely don’t fight fare, while we were ready to throw down with our fists they were trying to use weapons.

Wu Gong and his family ushered us back inside his restaurant. At this point the whole neighborhood was coming over to see what was going on. Wu Gong eventually called the police to come by, but only after they totally destroyed his fire pit, because Wu Gong feared that these guys might damage his store.

The police came and the Chinese guys went away. The police were extremely nice. They insisted on giving us rides back to our apartments in case these guys might follow us and jump us when we were alone.


My friends always ask me whether I make this stuff up or whether it really happens. To tell you the truth I am really not that imaginative to come up with stories like these. Things like this really do happen in China to me. This is just another example where protecting your reputation and trying to save face got just a little bit out of hand.


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