All Grown Up

The first class I started to teach full time were two Small Stars Green classes. This is the youngest course that EF offers. It is made up of 3 and 4 year olds. This week, the course finally came to end.

These kids came in speaking no English and now I can’t get them to stop. I have had the most fun teaching these classes. We have learned a lot this year, we have learned; colors, numbers, classroom and household objects, fruit, clothes, and animals.

Overall it has been a great class. Here is a summary of my class by the numbers; I have had kids cry about 50 times, kids cough or sneeze in my face about 10 time, kids fighting about 5 times, kids peeing in my classroom 4 times, and one kid fart on me. So all in all I think it was a success.

It is amazing to see how much they have grown, I feel like a proud parent, or something along those lines. Now we are on to the next book, which is more of the same but this time we are teaching them how to read. Should be fun. Hopefully this time I will have less crying and less peeing in class.

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