The Post Office

As I near the end of my year teaching here in China I have developed a new analogy for what my teaching experience has felt like. I would compare teaching to working for the post office. You might think it is a weird comparison but let me tell you why.

Every week we get a schedule of the classes and one-to-ones we are going to teach that week. And every week I work hard to plan all of my lessons for that week. But not matter how hard I work to plan and in planning these lessons, I know that I will have more lessons and the same classes to teach the next week. Just like working in the post office. No matter how hard a postman works to sort and deliver the mail, the next day there will always be more.

What is frustrating about working at EF is that there is never an end to a class. If you work at a normal school, at the end of a year students matriculate the next grade and you get a new group of students. With EF you stay with the students forever. So when students at EF finish a course you move on with them to the next level. They never change.

Maybe the point isn’t to get caught up in the infinity of the situation, but to find comfort in the repetition of it. Who knows?


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