Saying Goodbye To A Good Class

About two weeks ago a new teacher, named Nathaniel, came to EF. After doing a few weeks of training workshops and working with one-to-ones, Kristian, my boss, decided that it was time to give him some real classes to teach.

Kristian decided to give Nathaniel my TB5A class, which happens to be one of my favorite classes. This was one of the first classes I started teaching at EF. I took them through the whole TB4A course and most of the TB5A course. So for my last class I decided I wanted to do something fun.

We had been learning about imperatives (giving instructions) and sequencing, and cooking so I decided that it might be fun to actually cook something. But how many things could you actually cook in a classroom? I decided that it would be fun to make a fruit salad.

First we went over the ingredients we needed for a fruit salad. The students came up with this extensive list of fruits. I crossed some out because they are not in season and would have cost me a fortune to buy. In China it is very popular to put mayonnaise in a fruit salad but I quickly nixed that idea. We then went to the supermarket, which is right next to the school, I had the kids run and get all of the ingredients we needed.

Once back in the classroom I had the students wash all the food and chop it up. By the end, after putting all the fruit in, and adding yogurt, the fruit salad looked absolutely disgusting but it tasted great.


Although I’m sad that I’m no longer going to be teaching this class, I’m happy that I was able to say goodbye in a fun way.


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