Update On Student X

A while back I asked everyone for some advice on what I should do with one of my students. To remind you, I had just finished my TB4B class and I wasn’t sure whether or not to pass one of my students, Student X, to TB5A. I gave her three lessons to prove herself, to show me that she belonged in the next level. Three classes turned into four and I still wasn’t sure what to do, she was continuing to do the bare minimum. Just enough to get by, but not enough to impress me.

After I posed the question to everybody I received a variety of different responses. Some were very harsh and some were lenient. In the end I decided that I would not let her stay in the class and that she would have to go back and redo the previous class.

My decision was based on the fact that I was not going to be doing her any favors by passing her. She was not at the level of the other students and if I did pass her she would have continued to struggle. If I let her stay, it would only have been because I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, not because she deserved to be there.

Student X has now been placed into another TB4B which is about half way through the course. This is what I was hoping for because she doesn’t need to repeat the whole course, she just needs sharpen her skills.

Thanks for the advice everyone gave, it was really helpful.


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