Don’t Be Such A Chicken

As I continue my culinary adventure I decided to move away from the nether regions (like when I ate the sheep testicles) and work more on the upper body. And the highest point of a body is of course the head, so that seemed like a good place to go. I decided the next thing I needed to try was chicken head.

So my journey took me back to Wu Gong’s restaurant and I ordered some ji tou (pronounced gee toe), chicken head. I wasn’t really sure what to expect while I was waiting for them. Would it be the whole head or would it be cut up into pieces. I really didn’t know.

We ordered two sticks/portions of heads. When they were brought out to us, it looked like there were four portions. At first we were worried that they brought us four instead of two but then we quickly realized that they had cut the heads in half, right down the middle, thus making four.

They were a sight to be seen. Covered in sauce and seasoning, all the parts of the head were there; eyes, beak, and even the comb (the part on top of the head of a chicken that looks like a crown).


The thing about a chicken head is that it is really awkward to eat. It is too big to totally fit in your mouth all at once, but small enough to make you think you can.

As you might have guessed they were really crunchy, especially biting through the skull. The weirdest part was when I bit into the beak. It was really hard and sharp. After the first one I didn’t eat the beak any more. Actually the tastiest part of the chicken head was the brain.

It is impossible to eat chicken heads and not play with your food. So of course, being the sophomoric person that I am, I played around with the chicken head. Luckily I was with Sam, who also has a childish sense of humor, we both picked up a chicken head and started messing around. We started making bird sounds; caw, caw-caw. Before we knew it we were both caw-cawing really loudly and everyone in the restaurant stopped what they were doing and were watching us play with the chicken heads. It was pretty funny.

While I wouldn’t put it at top of the list of the best things I have tried, it was certainly the most fun.


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