What I Miss Most

While it is true that I miss my family and friends there are a few simple pleasures that I really do miss a lot. The first is cheese. I know it sounds silly, cheese??? It is impossible to find cheese anywhere in QHD. (You might be able to get some in Beijing but it is really expensive). Cheese isn’t really a part of the Chinese diet. In fact all types of dairy product are hard to find. Very few people even drink milk. The biggest dairy product out here is yogurt and that is even hard to find. I crave a good grilled cheese sandwich. So mom, please make that for me when I get back.

The second thing I miss a lot is walking on grass. Growing up I used to play outdoors all the time. The feeling of walking on soft dirt or grass is indescribable. Here in China you are not allowed to walk on the grass. Most of the places I have been are paved and the few areas that do have grass, such as parks and places along roads or buildings, have signs saying that you cannot sit/walk on the grass. In China everything is paved, even the hikes I have gone on the path was paved. Not to sound hippie-ish but you get this natural energy by walking on dirt and grass and I miss that.

I also miss human contact. The Chinese are a very reserved people. They are not really into the whole outward display of affection thing, so no hugs (or even pats on the backs). The most you might get is a hand shake, that’s all.

Lastly I miss seeing a great pair of breasts. Here in China all the women are flat-chested and it has been a real downer. Seeing a great pair of breast is extremely rare here in China. I would compare it to finding a buffalo nickle, they are few and far between.

Cherish the little things so when you eat some cheese, get a little muddy, give someone a hug, or see a great pair of breasts, think of me.


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Spending a year teaching English and saving the world in China
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