On Thanksgiving we eat turkey, on Chanukah we eat latkes, on Christmas people eat ham (or so I’ve been told), and on Chinese New Year/Spring Festival people eat dumplings. So in honor of Spring Festival we decided that we would try to make dumplings ourselves. We went over to James place and got to work.

First we started off by making the dough. We weren’t really sure what we were doing so it sort of just turned into a big mess, but after a while we figured it out and made it work.


James had made dumplings before with his students so he knew what he was doing. He started setting aside little dough balls to make the dumplings.


James had already prepared the filling, beef filling and leek and egg filling, so we made two groups. James and Paul were on the dough side while I was on the filling and folding side. It’s not as easy as you would think. To get the perfect fold is very very hard. And to imagine that there are people who just make dumplings all day, seven days a week.


After making the dumplings we needed a place to put them. So I put them in a bag. Bad idea. All of the dumplings ended up sticking together so when we went to boil them it turned out to be one big ball.

While they didn’t taste like the professional ones I usually get and they looked like a pile of mush, they still tasted pretty good.



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