Foot Fetish

Every time I talk to friends from home they ask me whether or not I have recently eaten anything crazy. It had been a while since I had eaten something new so last night when I went to Wu Gong’s for dinner, I looked at the menu and decided to try something new. I ordered jī zhuǎ, chicken feet.

After waiting for 10 minutes, Wu Gong reappeared with four feet skewered and grilled. They were all curled and golden brown. Words can’t describe, so here is a picture.

They grossest part was that the finger nails were still attached to the toes. Don’t worry I didn’t eat the toe nails. I made sure I plucked them off before I ate the feet.

When you bite into the toes they sort of just fall of the feet. They were kind of crunchy and chewy at the same time. There really wasn’t a lot of meat on them so I just chewed on the bones.

I must say I have never been into feet and never understood why people had foot fetishes but after sucking on some toes I think I might now understand.


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