Business Cards

Today I feel like a true professional. I just received my very own personalized business cards for the first time. I remember always wanting to have a business card with my name on it and now my wish has come true.

A few days ago I found out that we could get EF business cards made. So of course I asked for them. Ask and you shall receive and today I got business cards with my name on it. It is in English and in Chinese.

It has my name and the school’s address on it. It also has my EF e-mail address and the school’s phone number. I realized once I got them that they don’t have my cell phone number on them. So if I give my card out people will be calling the school and not me. Also I never check my EF e-mail account. So basically the cards are useless. No matter, it still feels cool having my own business cards.

Now I have more business cards then I know what to do with. Maybe I will give them out to random people on the street. And who knows, maybe I will start a fight with someone if they decide to throw my card on the ground just like I did in the beginning of the year.


About JoelS

Spending a year teaching English and saving the world in China
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