Don’t Believe Everything You Read

The first time we went to Beijing we went to the silk market (this is where you can buy all the knock off clothing). After buying some things at one of the stalls we were given a bunch of posters. We weren’t sure what they exactly were because they were in Chinese but they looked cool so we kept them.

When we got a chance to look at them a bit closer we realized that they were Chinese communist propaganda posters. We still couldn’t understand what they said but just by the look of them we new they were very nationalistic in nature.

A few days ago I finally got them translated. The one on the left means; “All the people of the world need to come together to fight against America and the people who work for America.” And the one on the right means; “Fight against American. We want freedom. Come together to fight America.”

Don’t you just feel the love?

About a week ago I found this poster in my room.

I’m not sure if you can read it but the translation on the poster is “Powerty is from gun.” That’s right “Powerty,” and you thought my spelling was bad. I got it translated by one of our TAs and she told me that it meant “Use your guns to get power.” What a country, you just got to love it.

I also found these posters in my room but have not had them translated. See if you can guess the meaning of them.

Anyways, I thought this was something interesting to share with you guys. It really shows you the kind of propagandist message the government was sending out.



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