It’s Better Than Drugs

Don’t worry mom I’m not doing drugs (although it would liven up my time here in Qinhuangdao), but I have become addicted. I have become addicted to sweet potato chips. They are the most amazing thing ever.

During the summer you don’t see sweet potatoes anywhere, but now that that it has gotten cold I see them being sold everywhere. Most of the time you can see them being sold by these pushcart vendors who sell whole sweet potatoes from these big heated drums and sometimes I’ll buy one. But if you look anywhere you can find sweet potato chips. Usually I get them from roadside shops who sell all types of nuts and seeds.

Every night I walk home I stop by one of these shops and buy some sweet potato chips. If you have never tried them GO OUT AND BUY SOME. They are freaking amazing.


About JoelS

Spending a year teaching English and saving the world in China
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