I’m Not A Great Test Taker

Today we had an English grammar test at EF. Our boss, Kristian, gave us this test to see how well we knew the different grammatical rules. It’s one thing to know how to speak the language but it another trying to explain how a language works. It is easy to explain the simple form of the past, present, and future tenses but it is another thing explaining present progressives, past participles, present perfect, or the number of other grammatical rules and styles that are out there.

I can barely write a blog without having my parents yell at me about all the grammar mistakes I make. If I can barely make it through a blog, how well do you think I did on the test?

About a week before the test Kristian gave out a packet of all the grammar rules and terminology that we should know for the test. It was 30 page document about grammar, lexis, function, describing language skills, language learning, and language teaching. It had definitions for auxiliary verbs, subordinate clauses, sentence stresses, deductive learning, and much more that I never learned or was taught in school.

Last night I spent the whole night cramming for this test. It turned out to be a 12 page test. I hope I did well, there were a few pages where I didn’t know anything so we’ll see. We should be getting our scores back soon so wish me luck.


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One Response to I’m Not A Great Test Taker

  1. Masha says:

    What happens if you fail the test? (I’m sure you did well, but what’s the consequence if someone didn’t?)
    Also, bring the packet back if you can – I wanna read it =)

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