My 2nd Roomate

I kept putting off this blog because so much has been happening. I told you about my last roommate Damien, let me now tell you about my current roommate Sam.

Sam, like most of the other teachers here is British. He hails from northern England around Newcastle. At first he was really quiet, but that was expected for someone in a new environment. In the beginning I thought he was really weird because he would get up around 5 am and wonder the city for hours and I wouldn’t see him for the rest of the day.

After a few weeks he started opening up and he is actually a really fun guy to hang out with. He is really into martial arts and that MMA stuff. Thank God he doesn’t smoke, in fact he doesn’t even drink alcohol. So I don’t have to worry about him like I did with Damien who had the potential to burn down the apartment at any moment. He is picking up Chinese much quicker than I am, so I am relying on him a lot help me communicate with the locals.

With Matt and James leaving there are some new teachers coming in. They were supposed to move into a new apartment, but since Sam has the small room in our apartment he is going to moving out and into the new apartment that was bought for the new teachers. So now I am getting a new roommate (roommate #3) after just having gotten used to this one. He is coming this week, so I will tell you more as things develop.

(This post is sponsored through the generosity of Elie Berman and the un-censured USA)


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