Freezing My Beitzim Off

Happy November 5th. I’m happy to celebrate this day not because it is someone’s birthday, or a famous date in history, but because today is the day that heat will be turned on in all of Hebei Provence. In an effort to save money (I guess) instead of letting people control their own housing temperature the government decides when the heat gets turned on.

As the seasons are changing the past couple of weeks it have gotten really cold. I asked my co-workers what I should do since it was so cold, and all they could tell me was to wait till November 5th. At night I’ve been so cold that I have created another layer of warmth by using every article of clothing I have. It has been so cold I even hate getting undressed to take a shower. A number of times I skipped taking a shower because it was just too cold to walk from my room to the bathroom and then to wait for the water to get hot.

Thank God my parents brought me my winter jacket. It is super warm and without it I’m sure I would have  frozen to death. Now because it’s November 5th I’ll finally be able to bathe regularly and not freeze my ass.



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