We recently found out that the railway from Qinhuangdao to Beijing will be closing for the next two years starting November 1st. Apparently they want to install a high speed train railway system and it is going to take them two years. This means that there will be no trains leaving from Qinhuangdao to Beijing or vise verse.

One of the main reasons I was excited about coming to Qinhuangdao was that it was only a 2 hour train ride from Beijing. Now we need to find alternative ways to get to Beijing. We could take a bus, but that is a 4 hour ride (and this is if we don’t hit any traffic), or we could take a taxi which is also a 4 hour ride and would be even more expensive.

We heard that their might be trains leaving from the neighboring city but we are not sure about that. This is typical China, deciding on a whim to change the entire railway tracks without notifying the public in advanced. TIC (This Is China).


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