Age Is But A Number

All my life I have never lied about my age. But now in China I will be lying about my age for the first time. I have just been assigned to teach a new class. It is a CLT (Corporate Language Training) class in which we (EF) are hired by a company to teach their employees business English. When EF was selling the class to the company, trying to convince people to sign up, they lied and told them I was 26 years (when in fact I am only 23) old with a lot of business experience.

When I asked my Chinese boss why they did this, she said not to worry because everyone in China lies about their age. I found out later that the company didn’t want someone right out of college with little to no experience. So instead of assigning a teacher who has more experience and who might be a little more seasoned, EF decided to tell a lie and tell them that I am older. I always thought that I would lie about my age when I was younger to buy alcohol or when I was older so that I could pick up a younger chicha. But now I am lying about my age so that I can impress my students. Go figure.


About JoelS

Spending a year teaching English and saving the world in China
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