Pirate Demo

About every week or so, EF puts on a teaching demo. A teaching demo (or just demo) is a demonstration to prospective students and parents of what we do at EF to try and drum up some interest and potential business for our school. Demos can and are done anywhere. Most of the time the demos are done in the school but sometimes teachers go out to a McDonald’s or a KFC and do demos in the restaurant.

I had never lead one and on Monday my boss told me that I was going to lead one. Not only was I going to lead the demo but, I had to lead one that was pirate themed. I asked the marketing person (who is Chinese) why it was pirate themed and she said that she went online and found out that Talk Like A Pirate Day was coming up and they assumed that everyone in America celebrated this holiday. So, I was supposed to teach kids about pirates and pirate lingo.

At first they had this whole PowerPoint presentation already prepared that they wanted me to show about the history of piracy and such. Personally, I found it very confusing. Imagine me trying to teach 7 to 11 year olds about Black Beard and pirate history.

I decided that if I was going to do this pirate demo I was going to do it right. And to do it right, I had to be all in for it. First, I made I pirate hat out of paper that was lying around the office and then I fashioned myself a sword out of cardboard. So far so good, things were looking up. I had some tattered pajama pants and I took a shirt from the lost and found and cut it up. I got some candy for treasure and I made an eye-patch out of a shoelace and some paper. My costume looked pretty baller.


I had the kids participate in activities like tug-of-war (against me), a three-legged race (peg-leg race), and a treasure/scavenger hunt. It turned out really well and the kids really enjoyed it. A parent came up to me afterward and said that if he were a student he would want to be in my class. It made me feel really good and I am sure some kids are now going to start learning English because I was a great pirate.



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2 Responses to Pirate Demo

  1. Berms says:

    I for one am going to start celebrating tlak like a pirate day!

  2. Michal says:

    that’s hysterical! I can’t believe they google random American holidays and celebrate them! you do make a great pirate

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