Going Bananas Over Puzzles

So I’m teaching a new class, and for one of my activities I made a word-find puzzle game. As I pull out the word-find the kids go freaking crazy. I was taken aback. Even the TA in my class got excited. Two girls, who both happen to be named Jenny, start shouting and screaming out loud because they were so excited to do a word-find.

Since the Chinese language is written in characters and not letters, doing a word-find or cross word puzzle is not possible in Chinese. So they get really excited to be able to do them in English. By accident I made it too hard and nobody was able to complete it. It took forever for them to do it. They were working on it for over a half an hour. After 30 minutes I had to stop them from working on it and do a different activity. It’s good to know that word-finds take so long. I will keep it on file for when I don’t have enough planned and I need something to fill time.


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Spending a year teaching English and saving the world in China
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